Parichay Entertainment Park

Parichay Entertainment Park is an excellent picnic spot. Though the park is small, the arrangements and facilities available here are quite good. Only one group is allowed to picnic here. There can be a maximum number of 50 persons in a group. A beautiful lake is there inside the park. Paddle boating can be done here. There are slips and swings for children. Parichay Entertainment Park hosts an air conditioned dining hall which can accommodate 30-35 persons. Gents and Ladies toilet facility is available. But there are no playgrounds here.

Important Information

There is a restaurant in this park.
Catering facility is available on demand.
You can also cook your own food.
Charges - Rs. 2500/-.

How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah to Andul. Parichay Entertainment Park is just 2-3 minutes from Andul Station. If you go by car, after crossing the Vidyasagar Setu you have to take Andul Road. The park is 3 minutes walking distance from Andul Station Road Bus Stop.

Nearby Attractions

You can visit Santragachi where you will be able to see various species of migratory birds in the lake.

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