Jubilee Park and Resort

Jubilee Park and Resort is an attractive picnic spot near Kalyani. The park has been developed jointly by Gayeshpur Municipality and a private organization. The place is surrounded by trees and is situated in a beautiful natural environment. There are various things for amusement like jumping frog, hanging boat, dragon train, baby taxi, baby car and mickey mouse. There is boating facility too.

Important Information

There are several tents for picnic here.
Charges for booking a tent - Rs. 500-1000/-
AC and Non AC Guestrooms are also available.
Entry Fee - Rs. 20/- per head.

How to Reach

You can reach Kanchrapara station from Sealdah by local train. Jubilee Park and Resort can be reached by car via Kalyani Expressway.

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Bapi Basak said...

Entry Free - Rs. 75/- per head...