Banabithi Picnic Garden

Banabithi Picnic Garden is an excellent picnic spot located near Duttapukur in North 24 Parganas district. The farmhouse is surrounded by mango, jack fruit, berry and supuri trees. There are seasonal flower gardens. The garden is fenced with a 8 ft high wall. Inside the garden there is a rest room along with toilets. There are swings and slips for children.

Important Information

There are drinking water and cooking facilities.
Duttapukur market is situated nearby. You can buy the necessary requirements from the market.
Each day one group (maximum 90-100 persons) is allowed to picnic here.
Picnic Charges (Weekdays) - Rs. 2500/-
Picnic Charges (Sat, Sun & Holidays) - Rs. 3500/-
Additional Charges - Rs. 100/-
For booking call 9830189264 or (033) 25369174.

How to Reach

You can reach Duttapukur from Sealdah station by local train. Van rickshaws are available from there to reach Banabithi Picnic Garden. If you prefer to go by car, drive from Kolkata to Duttapukur Hatkhola via Barasat. From Santoshpur More, take right to reach Shibalay.

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1 comment:

Maria Paiva said...

Customer experience is the key to any business' success. And that's why I am giving 1 star to Banabithi Picnic Garden - because of its owner that's all!

The place is ideal for having a picnic or get-together. Given the fact it is only 1 and half hours from Kolkata and available for a day for 4200 rupees, it's a good deal. It's an enclosed and gated picnic spot, consisting of a resting room, two bathrooms - men and women, a huge lawn/playground with swings, slides and everything for activity. There is a separate area for cooking only, which is great too.

So, we had our office picnic on Friday, 16th December. I took my labrador too. (Pets are allowed). One single incident completely ruined our entire day's fun. Let me elaborate:

So, the owner told us once we book the place, we will be provided with complete privacy and no disturbances at all. However, he continued to showcase the place to other customers, who wanted to book. So here we are a few girls and guys - playing and having fun and strangers keep entering and roaming around the place.

So, when we complained or raise objection to the owner, he straight away said that he owns the place and he can do anything. And when I was speaking to him in English, he rudely said that he cannot tolerate people who talk in English, while pointing his finger at me. I spoke in Bengali also, but he kept on giving sexist remarks. So much so, he even didn't prevent another customer from taking our pictures on their phone. And when I objected he illogically said that he is also educated and that he is B.Tech (WTF about qualifications?) And that he has 17 businesses. It's his property and those are his rules!

This is the first time in my life that I encountered such a chauvinistic pig!