Jalpath is a nice picnic spot situated in South 24 Parganas district. The spot offers an awesome picnic experience with its beautifully decorated bungalow, garden and pond. It is located in Bamanghata at a close proximity to the heart of Kolkata. There are arrangements for fishing purposes..Altogether the place is ideal for spending a winter morning in the lap of nature.

Important Information

Bungalow (2 Rooms and Study Room) Charges : Rs. 4000/- (Non AC), Rs. 5000 (AC).
Bungalow (including garden) Charges : Rs. 5000/- (Non AC), Rs. 7000 (AC).
For booking call 9432647740.

How to Reach

Jalpath is easily accessible from Kolkata by car. It takes about an hour to get to Jalapath picnic spot from Kolkata. To reach the picnic spot drive on Basanti Highway from Science City towards Bamanghata Market. Take right (road leading to Sonarpur) from the bridge over a canal just before reaching Bamanghata. The picnic spot is a little distance ahead from that point.

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